Update The Kitchen In Your Rental Now!

Rental apartments don’t usually come with great kitchens. The room where you spend time preparing food is usually basic in a rental and doesn’t invite you to cook new recipes. How can you update the kitchen in your rental without damaging anything? The first step is to consult with your landlord and see what’s he ok with and what he does not tolerate. After you negotiate the terms of your decorating project, it’s time you begin.

A very cool thing you can try in your rental kitchen is the black and white combination. This simple combo can transform your kitchen in a great way: it gives more personality to your kitchen, it makes it seem interesting, and it will catch the eyes of your guests. For example, you can go for a “modern black and white zigzag” for your tiles. Go for black and white cutlery as well and add some monochromatic decorations. Another great idea for the apartments for rent in Idaho is adding floating shelves for used tools in black and white.

Another interesting idea to try in your kitchen is blue cabinets. This is a quick update you can give to your kitchen: a “fresh coat of paint” of soft blue instead of the boring white. This idea is also inexpensive, and it will instantly refresh your kitchen space. If you are not a “blue person” you can always choose another color, such as cherry or soft yellow, your call! The trick is to revitalize the kitchen with a little bit of color.

If you lack storage in your rental kitchen, a great thing is to add shelves. Buy a bookcase with smaller shelves but use it in your kitchen! Go for one in white or a soft color and add some contrasting wallpaper to some of the shelves. For example, white and yellow are two great choices, but you can also choose your favorite color. You can store anything you want on these shelves, but the best would be to store cutlery, plates, and glasses. Add some decorative plants and photos and you have a great design tool in your very own kitchen!

If you feel your kitchen lacks some personality, a great idea would be to redo the floor. If your landlord agrees with this (and why wouldn’t he!), you can add a new life to the floor. Choose a square model for the floor, in black and white tones, and combine it with shades of yellow. Add yellow chairs, plants, and decorative elements and you got yourself a great kitchen!

Therefore, you can transform your kitchen easily, even if you live in one of those cheap apartments in Boise Idaho. The trick is to be creative and know what to invest in, so you transform the entire kitchen with just one change. Be inspired by these tips and start updating your kitchen right now!